Remember the Motorola RAZR? Not what they advertise on TV. Nowadays you can order a full range of beef, ham, turkey, lamb, pork, seafood, and even sides. 1 Answer. re: Omaha Steaks or Kansas City Steaks? For meat delivery, they both also offer high-grade seafood, free-range chicken, turkey, and Berkshire pork for meat delivery. Omaha Steaks or Kansas City Steaks? Looking for comfort food? Sometimes free S&H with no minimum. For Omaha Steaks: I ordered the Omaha Steaks Burgers and the Top Sirloins. What to Expect When Your Bags are Selected for a Customs Inspection, Other offerings include roasts, steakburgers and a host of traditional KC BBQ-ables. Business Gifts. Fortunately, the dry ice had not completely melted by the time I took delivery. The steaks themselves were decent and comparable for their cuts. The tasty, juicy meats are very pleasant to savor. I was concerned about Kansas City’s longer delivery time, but it ended up being OK. Tenderness, flavor, marbling, and anything else you may consider pertinent. It didn’t take very long after the company got its start for things to start growing. Omaha is privately owned and operated for five generations. All the supplies you need to make a craveworthy dessert are here. We think one of them comes out on top. Watch what you buy. For meat delivery, they both also offer high-grade seafood, free-range chicken, turkey, and Berkshire pork for meat delivery. It's a perfectly marbled cut of beef, waiting to be transformed into a delicious meal. Allen Brothers vs Omaha Steaks: Which One Is Better? Both Omaha Steaks and Kansas City Steak Company have similar nice classic beef and quality meats, such as New York strip steaks, filet mignon, ribeyes, top sirloin, prime rib, and a T-bone with really tasty flavor. If you don’t like their product, take advantage of the guarantee. As you shop, your history will appear here. Shipping costs depend on the price of your order, as seen below: Deals. Address: 1400 N Market St Jacksonville FL 32206 USA, Key Difference Between Kansas City Steaks & Omaha Steaks, Omaha Steaks or Kansas City Steaks: Winner, Cancellation 3 days prior to shipping time. We found it slightly more difficult to get a hold of a customer rep at Omaha Steaks when we sent a message. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Both serve other items such as pork, ham, seafood, plus free-range chicken, based on reviews of Omaha Steaks. We recommend ButcherBox for their excellent selection of grass-fed beef, free range organic poultry, heritage-breed pork, and wild-caught seafood. I'm not sure which company to go with, Omaha Steaks or Kansas City Steak Company. This HappyFlyer is a self-proclaimed tech enthusiast with a passion for travel. So, thanks for this! I didn’t order in a way where I could compare apples with apples, but it was still enough to make up my mind in terms of which ones I like better. They both have received an “A+” rating from the BBB. Omaha Steaks wine can be sent as a Gift Wine Card or Gift Basket – White, Red or a Sparkling one! For delicious meals made easy, turn to NY strip steaks and more from QVC and Kansas City Steak Company. ROBIN HOOD . For the record, the steaks were good (and I thought the Kansas City Strips was the best out… Read more ». 99 ($129.99/Count) $19.99 shipping. Favorite Answer. Omaha Steaks offers a larger delivery area since they ship to all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Both came in a cooler packaging with a bag of dry ice in it. The Kansas City Steak Company also appears to have USDA Prime, while Omaha Steaks labels their meat cut deals as agency-inspected. The Filet Mignon is the most tender cut of the lot, but that’s also …to be expected. Kansas City (10) 4-oz Sirloin Sandwich Steaks Auto-Delivery. We have read full reviews that suggest their prices are much lower, so it might depend on the ordered meat. If you didn’t buy for a bit you’d pretty quickly get specials offers made, There were several times I was not satisfied with the quality of the steaks (especially for what I was paying). Be ware. $118.50. Originally started as a family butcher shop back in 1932, Kansas City Steaks moved over to the distribution side. It could the most famous steak supplier in the country. Omaha Steaks Steak reviews: Poor Quality. Omaha Steaks sources their best selection package from all over the US with a focus on Nebraska, which is where their first butcher shop is. For Kansas City Steaks: I decided to try out the gift pack of Filet Mignon and Kansas City Strip Steaks.

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