[144] The city has always been a centre for publications where 80% of Pakistan's books are published, and it remains the foremost centre of literary, educational and cultural activity in Pakistan.[19]. [38] The weakened city then fell into obscurity, and was captured once more by the Khokhars in 1394. Gross Domestic Product (Third Estimate), Corporate Profits (Revised), and GDP by Industry, Third Quarter 2020. It had a GDP of $2.83 trillion in 2019, up 1.4% from the prior year. The city has been controlled by numerous empires throughout the course of its history, including the Hindu Shahis, Ghaznavids, Ghurids, and Delhi Sultanate by the medieval era. CSV XML EXCEL. [120] Lahore is a young city with over 40% of its inhabitants below the age of 15. [83], The Sikh royal court, or the Lahore Durbar, underwent a quick succession of rulers after the death of Ranjit Singh. [116] On 26 February 2011, Lahore recorded -2.7C (27.14F) and received slight snowfall in central parts of the city. The Blue Line is a proposed 24 kilometres (15 mi) line from Chauburji to College Road, Township. [91] Lahore's most prominent government institutions and commercial enterprises came to be concentrated in Civil Station in a half-mile wide area flanking The Mall, where unlike in Lahore's military zone, the British and locals were allowed to mix. The project is the result of a partnership between DHA Lahore and BRDB Malaysia. "[28], According to Hindu legend,[29][30] Lahore's name derives from Lavpur or Lavapuri ("City of Lava"),[31] and is said to have been founded by Prince Lava,[32] the son of Sita and Rama. The U.K. economy is driven by its large service sector, particularly in finance, insurance, and business services. [48] The entire city of Lahore during the medieval Ghaznavid era was probably located west of the modern Shah Alami Bazaar, and north of the Bhatti Gate. The mayor is responsible for the administration of government services, the composition of councils and committees overseeing Lahore City District departments and serves as the chairperson for meeting of Lahore Council. June 2, 2019 on Lahore by Inp . [130][131], Lahore's modern cityscape consists of the historic Walled City of Lahore in the northern part of the city, which contains several world and national heritage sites. [97] The Indian Swaraj flag was adopted this time as well. As per the Punjab Local Government Act 2013, the Mayor of Lahore is the elected head of the Metropolitan Corporation of Lahore. [18] Kuldip Nayyar reported that Cyril Radcliffe in 1971 had told him that he originally had planned to give Lahore to the new Dominion of India,[101][102][103] but decided to place it within the Dominion of Pakistan, which he saw as lacking a major city as he had already awarded Calcutta to India. The following international cities have been declared twin towns and sister cities of Lahore. Lahore (/ l ə ˈ h ɔːr /; Punjabi: لہور; Urdu: لاہور ‎; pronounced [lɑːˈɦɔːr] ()) is the capital of the Pakistani province of Punjab and is the country's 2nd largest city after Karachi, as well as the 26th largest city in the world. The second Islamic Summit Conference was held in the city in 1974. They function like buses, and operate on many routes throughout the city.[156]. Under the reign of Mamluk sultan Qutbu l-Din Aibak, Lahore attracted poets and scholars from as far away as Turkestan, Greater Khorasan, Persia, and Mesopotamia. % of GDP 2019 Sweden (red), OECD - Average (black) Tax wedge Indicator: 42.7 Total % of labour cost 2019 Sweden % of labour cost: Total % of labour cost 2000-2019 Sweden (red), OECD - Average (black) Total % of labour cost 2019 Sweden (red), OECD - Average (black) Find all indicators on Government. Im Vergleich zum Vorjahr hat sich das BIP der USA um rund 0,8 Billionen US-Dollar erhöht. In 1966, the Government of Pakistan awarded a special flag, the Hilal-i-istaqlal to Lahore (also to Sargodha and Sialkot) for showing severe resistance to the enemy during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 as these cities were targets of the Indian aggression. [3][5], Lahore is the second largest financial hub of Pakistan and has industrial areas including Kot Lakhpat and the new Sundar Industrial Estate (near Raiwand). [16], At the commencement of British rule, Lahore was estimated to have a population of 120,000. [94] Other prominent examples of the Indo-Saracenic style in Lahore include Lahore's prestigious Aitchison College, the Punjab Chief Court (today the Lahore High Court), Lahore Museum and University of the Punjab. Topic Overview Largest Countries by Population U.S. States by Population U.S. and World Cities by Population. [38] Lahore was sacked and ruined by the Mongol army in 1241. Many of Lahore's dozens of Sufi shrines hold annual festivals called urs to honor their respective saints. He renovated large portions of the Lahore Fort with luxurious white marble and erected the iconic Naulakha Pavilion in 1633. [108], Eight people were killed in the March 2009 attack on the Sri Lanka national cricket team in Lahore. The average life expectancy stand at less than 60 years of age. The change was … pp. GDP decreased by 11.8 % in the euro area (EA-19) and 11.4 % in the EU-27 during the second quarter of 2020, compared with the previous quarter, according to an estimate (see Data sources below) published by Eurostat.These were the sharpest declines observed since time series started in … [9] Lahore is a major center for Pakistan's publishing industry, and remains the foremost center of Pakistan's literary scene. Von bester Qualität bilder, , fototapeten, poster, sticker. China’s economy grew from 2018 to 2019 to $14.34, but the country is still nowhere close to catching up to the U.S. The cities with ideas above their station", "The 'City of Lights' vs 'City of Gardens, "Population of Major Cities Census – 2017 [pdf]", Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, "Lahore's economy: Rs1 trillion and growing Dr Nadia Tahir", "Pakistan: Provinces and Major Cities - Population Statistics, Maps, Charts, Weather and Web Information", "The Taliban once ruled Pakistan's Swat Valley. The Lahore Museum and Mayo School of Industrial Arts were both established around this in this style. Die Vereinigten Staaten sind weiterhin mit deutlichem Abstand zu China die größte Volkswirtschaft der Welt.Aber wie lange noch? Lahore is home to several golf courses. Notes: Figures for 2019 are estimates. [66] Sher Singh raised an army that attacked Chand Kaur's forces in Lahore on 14 January 1841. China follows, with $14 trillion, or 16.3% of the world economy. CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive rolled out the first of 27 trains for the metro on 16 May 2017. Online tool for visualization and analysis. Zum … [36], Ptolemy mentions in his Geographia a city called Labokla situated near the Chenab and Ravi Rivers which may have been in reference to ancient Lahore, or an abandoned predecessor of the city. Lahore eventually became capital of the Sikh Empire in the early 19th century, and regained some of its lost grandeur. The population of pre-modern Lahore probably reached its zenith during his reign, with suburban districts home to perhaps 6 times as many compared to within the Walled City. According to the SIPRI report, India spent 2.4 per cent of its GDP on the military budget in 2019. Other well-known religious sites in the city are: There are many havelis inside the Walled City of Lahore, some in good condition while others need urgent attention. [136], Lawrence Gardens were also laid near Civil Station, and were paid for by donations solicited from both Lahore's European community, as well as from wealthy locals. Southeast of the walled city is the spacious British-era Lahore Cantonment. Ranjit Singh's rule had restored Lahore to much of its last grandeur,[16] and the city was left with a large number of religious monuments from this period. [145] Defense Raya Golf Resort, also under construction, will be Pakistan's and Asia's largest golf course. [54], Lahore briefly flourished again under the reign of Ghazi Malik of the Tughluq dynasty between 1320 and 1325, though the city was again sacked in 1329, by Tarmashirin of the Central Asian Chagatai Khanate, and then again by the Mongol chief Hülechü. [16], Following Zaman Shah’s 1799 invasion of Punjab, Ranjit Singh of nearby Gujranwala to consolidate his position in the aftermath of the invasion. The gardens featured over 600 species of plants, and were tended to by a horticulturist sent from London's Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. Bearbeitungshinweis: Neue Todesfälle bitte nach Tagen geordnet eintragen. The city is also a major centre of education in Pakistan,[19] with some of Pakistan's leading universities based in the city. [18] In 1955, Lahore was selected to be capital of all West Pakistan during the single-unit period that lasted until 1970. His son Kharak Singh quickly died after taking the throne on 6 November 1840, while the next appointed successor Nau Nihal Singh to the throne died in an accident at Lahore's Hazuri Bagh also on 6 November 1840 - the very same day of Kharak Singh's death. Schichtkalender Niederbayern 2021. [16] The largest of Lahore's Mughal monuments was raised during his reign, the Badshahi Mosque in 1673, as well as the iconic Alamgiri gate of the Lahore Fort in 1674. 401K Calculator. Gross Domestic Product of United States grew 7.5% in the third quarter of 2020 compared to the previous quarter. [179][failed verification] Plans exist to build Pakistan's first sports city in Lahore, on the bank of the Ravi River. Lahore at this time had more poets writing in Persian than any city in Persia or Khorasan. [20] Lahore is also home to Pakistan's film industry, Lollywood, and is a major centre of Qawwali music. [38] In 1021, Sultan Mahmud appointed Malik Ayaz to the Throne of Lahore—a governorship of the Ghaznavid Empire. The hottest month is May where temperatures routinely exceed 42C (107F). The U.K. economy is driven by its large service sector, particularly in finance, insurance, and business services. 10 economies have gained by more than 2000 Int. Courts have banned the kite-flying because of casualties and power installation losses. In the third quarter, real GDP increased 2.1 percent. Hindu legend states that Keneksen, the founder of the Great Suryavansha dynasty, is believed to have migrated out from the city. So viele Beamte, Soldaten und Versorgungsempfänger sind in Deutschland beschäftigt. The third marathon was held on 14 January 2007. [65], Civil wars regarding succession to the Mughal throne following Aurangzeb's death in 1707 lead to weakening control over Lahore from Delhi, and a prolonged period of decline in Lahore. [16], Ahmad Shah Durrani's grandson, Zaman Shah invaded Lahore in 1796, and again in 1798-9. The ban was lifted for two days in 2007, then immediately reimposed when 11 people were killed by celebratory gunfire, sharp kite-strings, electrocution, and falls related to the competition. Lahore was visited on 9 February 1870 by Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh – a visit in which he received delegations from the Dogras of Jammu, Maharajas of Patiala, the Nawab of Bahawalpur, and other rulers from various Punjabi states. The rapid development of large projects such as these in the city is expected to boost the economy of the country. The Walled City of Lahore restoration project began in 2009, when the Punjab government restored the Royal Trail from Akbari Gate to the Lahore Fort with money from the World Bank.[109]. [38], The first document that mentions Lahore by name is the Hudud al-'Alam ("The Regions of the World"), written in 982 CE[39] in which Lahore is mentioned as a town which had "impressive temples, large markets and huge orchards. Lahore was made capital of the Mamluk Dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate following the assassination of Muhammad of Ghor in 1206. Kite-flying competitions traditionally take place on city rooftops during Basant, while the Lahore Canal is decorated with floating lanterns. The clues lie in a blend of historical fact and expedient legend", "Dawn Pakistan – The 'shroud' over Lahore's antiquity", "Conflict and Conquest in the Islamic World: A Historical Encyclopedia (, "International council on monuments and sites", "Pakistan – Lahore – Hindukush Karakuram Tours & Treks", "A visual delight – Maryam Zamani and Wazir Khan Mosques", "A memorial will be built to Bhagat Singh, says the governor of Lahore. [18] The Shah Alami Bazaar, once a largely Hindu quarter of the Walled City, was entirely burnt down during subsequent rioting. In World Factbook estimates, Niue, small island nation in the South Pacific Ocean, is the … [106] The Tomb of Allama Iqbal was built in 1951 to honour the philosopher-poet who provided spiritual inspiration for the Pakistan movement. [6] Some 42% of its work force is employed in finance, banking, real estate, community, cultural, and social services. [16], Struggles between Zakariyya Khan's sons following his death in 1745 further weakened Muslim control over Lahore, thus leaving the city in a power vacuum, and vulnerable to foreign marauders. [84] Prior to annexation by the British, Lahore's environs consisted mostly of the Walled City surrounded by plains interrupted by settlements to the south and east, such as Mozang and Qila Gujar Singh, which have since been engulfed by modern Lahore. [18] Hindus and Sikhs began to leave the city en masse as their hopes that the Boundary Commission to award the city to India came to be regarded as increasingly unlikely. This bulletin has been discontinued and this is not the latest analysis. [66] Mughal preoccupation with the Marathas in the Deccan eventually resulted in Lahore being governed by a series of governors who pledged nominal allegiance to the ever weaker Mughal emperors in Delhi. Q3 2020 (3rd) 33.4%. [6] The city is the country’s largest software producing center,[6] and hosts a growing computer-assembly industry.[6]. Many of these havelis are fine examples of Mughal and Sikh Architecture. [122][173], Lahore remains a major tourist destination in Pakistan. [35] Early records of Lahore are scant, but Alexander the Great's historians make no mention of any city near Lahore's location during his invasion in 326 BCE, suggesting the city had not been founded by that point, or was unimportant. The newly opened Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort is another addition to the city. The city's location near the Indian border meant that it received large numbers of refugees fleeing eastern Punjab and northern India, though it was able to accommodate them given the large stock of abandoned Hindu and Sikh properties that could be re-distributed to newly arrived refugees. Mubashir Javed of the Pakistan Muslim League (N) was elected mayor of Lahore in 2016. The Shri Krishna mandir and the Valmiki Mandir are the only two functional temples in Lahore.[125]. [174] Among the most popular sights are the Lahore Fort, adjacent to the Walled City, and home to the Sheesh Mahal, the Alamgiri Gate, the Naulakha pavilion, and the Moti Masjid. Global Metrics. [128][129] Several Lahore based prominent educational leaders, researchers, and social commentators demand that Punjabi language should be declared as the medium of instruction at the primary level and official use in Punjab assembly, Lahore. Aurangzeb built the Alamgiri Bund embankment along the Ravi River in 1662 in order to prevent its shifting course from threatening the city's walls. Q2 2020 (3rd)-31.4%. It is a state-of-the-art facility featuring golf, water parks, and leisure activities such as horse riding, archery and more. The rapid development of large projects such as these in the city is expected to boost the economy of the country. [16] By 1812 Singh had mostly refurbished the city's defenses by adding a second circuit of outer walls surrounding Akbar's original walls, with the two separated by a moat. Though this reflects some recovery of activity following the record contraction in Quarter 2 (Apr to June) 2020, the level of GDP in the UK is still 8.6% below where it was at the end of 2019, revised from an initial estimate of 9.7%. August 2019: Etihad Airways Flug EY243 von Abu Dhabi nach Lahore. Lahore is the hub of handmade carpet manufacturing in Pakistan. Lahoris also commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Husain at Karbala during massive processions that take place during the first ten days of the month of Muharram. Due to India’s high population, India’s GDP per capita is $2,170 (for comparison, the U.S. is $62,794). Jahangir's son, Shah Jahan reigned between 1628 and 1658 and was born in Lahore in 1592. [66] Duleep Singh was then crowned Maharajah, with Hira Singh as his Wazir, but his power would be weakened by continued infighting among Sikh nobles,[66] as well as confrontations against the British during the two Anglo-Sikh Wars, After the conclusion of the two Anglo-Sikh wars, the Sikh empire fell into disarray, resulting in the fall of the Lahore Durbar, and commencement of British rule after they captured Lahore and the wider Punjab Region. The architectural style of the Walled City of Lahore has traditionally been influenced by Mughal and Sikh styles. Zum … [33], No definitive records exist to elucidate Lahore's earliest history, and Lahore's ambiguous early history have given rise to various theories about its establishment and history. [16] Lahore's Mughal monuments were built under Akbar's reign of several emperors,[16] and Lahore reached its cultural zenith during this period, with dozens of mosques, tombs, shrines, and urban infrastructure developed during this period. Thematic data tables from WDI. Libya is the biggest loser as its gdp per capita figure has declined by $2,114. [18] Shortly afterwards, Lahore's iconic Minar-e-Pakistan was completed in 1968 to mark the spot where the Pakistan Resolution was passed. In 2019, the gross domestic product (GDP) of the European Union (EU) stood at around €13 900 billion at current prices. Lahore (laˈhoːɐ̯, Panjabi لہور Lahaur, in Gurmukhi-Schrift ਲਾਹੌਰ IAST Lāhaur, Urdu لاہور Lāhaur; Hindi लाहौर IAST Lāhaur; englisch Lahore) ist mit 11.126.285 Einwohnern nach Karatschi die zweitgrößte Stadt Pakistans (Stand 2017). More than 22,000 people participated in the 2006 race. The results of the 2017 Census determined the population to be at 11,126,285,[5] with an annual growth rate of 4.07% since [16], In 1187, the Ghurids invaded Lahore,[38] ending Ghaznavid rule over Lahore. [18] With support from the United Nations, the government was able to rebuild Lahore, and most scars from the communal violence of Partition were ameliorated. New neighbourhoods occasionally grew up entirely within the confines of an old Mughal haveli, such as the Mohallah Pathan Wali, which grew within the ruins of a haveli of the same name that was built by Mian Khan. August. Most Recent Value. November 2019) bieten wir Montags 13:45 - 15:15 Uhr in 34-420 eine zusätzliche Sprechstunde an, bei der wir Ihnen eine Übungsaufgabe Schritt für Schritt vorprogrammieren. View previous releases. For example, the mausoleum of Ali Hujwiri at the Data Darbar shrine has an annual urs that attracts up to one million visitors per year. It had a GDP of $2.83 trillion in 2019, up 1.4% from the prior year. After independence, Lahore slowly regained its significance as an economic and cultural centre of western Punjab. Most Recent Year . [120] Gender-wise, 52.35% of the population is male, while 47.64% is female, and transgender people make only 0.01% of the population. GDP down by 11.8 % in the euro area and by 11.4 % in the EU-27. LAHORE: Pakistan’s economy is likely to grow by around 5 percent this year, but it faces challenges in the shape of alarmingly large fiscal … Local currency data for Mauritania are expressed in the new currency beginning with the October 2019 WEO database. [105] Early riots in March and April 1947 destroyed 6,000 of Lahore 82,000 homes. Quarterly GDP growth. India’s economy is the fifth-largest in the world with a GDP of $2.94 trillion, overtaking the UK and France in 2019 to take the fifth spot. 4-Schichtkalender Standard Bayern 2021. [75] In 1801, he established the Gurdwara Janam Asthan Guru Ram Das to mark the site where Guru Ram Das was born in 1534. The U.S. remains by far the largest economy in the world with a GDP of $21.43T or 24.42% of the entire globe. The GDP estimate released today is based on source data that are incomplete or subject to further revision by the source agency … [3] The contribution of Lahore to the national economy is estimated to be 11.5% and 19% to the provincial economy of Punjab. The siege resulted in the capture of his father's murderer, Ajit Singh. Though Khan was able to win back control after the Persian armies had left,[38] Nader Shah's invasion shifted trade routes away from Lahore, and south towards Kandahar instead. Diese Werte, historische Daten, Prognosen, Statistiken, Diagramme und ökonomische Kalender - Deutschland - BIP-Wachstum. GDP wholesale, retail and repairs of motor vehicles motorcycles Indonesia 2014-2019 Perceived and actual economic ranking of New Zealand in the world 2018 GDP gap in Italy 2008-2021 [26][27] Another theory suggests the city's name may derive from the word Lohar, meaning "blacksmith. [84] Lahore's posh Model Town was established as a "garden town" suburb in 1921, while Krishan Nagar locality was laid in the 1930s near The Mall and Walled City. Local currency data for Mauritania are expressed in the new currency beginning with the October 2019 WEO database. [166], The 2015 Local Government elections for Union Councils in Lahore yielded the following results:[167]. Some of the remaining gates include the Raushnai Gate, Masti Gate, Yakki Gate, Kashmiri Gate, Khizri Gate, Shah Burj Gate, Akbari Gate and Lahori Gate. CSV XML EXCEL. Tools. Mehta, J.L. [37] Chinese pilgrim Xuanzang gave a vivid description of a large and prosperous unnamed city when he visited the region in 630 CE that may have been Lahore. Another popular sight is the Wazir Khan Mosque,[176] known for its extensive faience tile work and constructed in 1635.[177]. In 1996, the International Cricket Council Cricket World Cup final match was held at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. [66] After capturing the Lahore, Sikh soldiers immediately began plundering Muslim areas of the city until their actions were reined in by Ranjit Singh.[74]. The Orange Line metro spans 27.1 km around the city, and operates at a speed of 80 km/h (50 mph). It includes services to Peshawar and national capital Islamabad-Rawalpindi, and long-distance services to Karachi and Quetta. Graph 2 : Defence expenditure as a share of GDP and equipment expenditure as a share of defence expenditure 2019e Notes: Figures for 2019 are estimates. Lahore experienced some of the worst rioting during the Partition period preceding Pakistan's independence. [18] In a bid to have Lahore awarded to India, they argued that the city was only 54% Muslim, and that Hindu and Sikh domination of the city's economy and educational institutions should trump Muslim demography. [2] As of 2008[update], the city's gross domestic product (GDP) by purchasing power parity (PPP) was estimated at $109 billion with a projected average growth rate of 5.6 percent. [38] The Mughal Wazīr Ghazi Din Imad al-Mulk would seize Lahore in 1756, provoking Ahmad Shah Durrani to again invade in 1757, after which he placed the city under the rule of his son, Timur Shah Durrani. China follows, with $14 trillion, or 16.3% of the world economy. [43] By the time Tamerlane captured the city in 1398 from Shayka Khokhar, he did not loot it because it was no longer wealthy. As of 2008 , the city's gross domestic product (GDP) by purchasing power parity(PPP) was estimated at $109 billion with a projected average growth rate of 5.6 percent. [38], Nader Shah's brief invasion of the Mughal Empire in early 1739 wrested control away from Zakariya Khan Bahadur. [93] British authorities built several important structures around the time of the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1887 in the distinct Indo-Saracenic style. WDI Tables . [72] He also erected the Gurdwara Dera Sahib to mark the site of Guru Arjan Dev's 1606 death. United States remains the largest economy of the world with GDP (Nominal) over $20 trillion in 2019. While much of Lahore's Mughal era fabric lay in ruins by the time of his arrival, Ranjit Singh's army's plundered most of Lahore's most precious Mughal monuments, and stripped the white marble from several monuments to send to different parts of the Sikh Empire. Das ist deutlich weniger als 2018 mit einem Wirtschaftswachstum von 1,5 Prozent. Motorcycle rickshaws, usually called "chand gari" (moon car) or "chingchi" (after the Chinese company Jinan Qingqi Motorcycle Co. Ltd who first introduced these to the market) are also a very common means of domestic travel, though they are less common and cheaper than auto richshaws. Im Vergleich zum Vorjahr hat sich das BIP der USA um rund 0,8 Billionen US-Dollar erhöht. Please refer to the dataset Gross domestic product (GDP), 2019 archive to access longer time series based on the methodology prior to the 2019 benchmark revisions. [43], With the support of Sultan Ibrahim Ghaznavi, Malik Ayaz rebuilt and repopulated the city which had been devastated after the Ghaznavid invasion. [123], According to the 1998 census, 94% of Lahore's population is Muslim, up from 60% in 1941. Instability resulting from this arrangement allowed nearby Amritsar to establish itself as the area's primary commercial centre in place of Lahore. Oklahoma GDP was $202,036,000,000 in 2019. CSV XML EXCEL. As of 2020, it is the primary metro rail line in the city. (page 87), resolution calling for the establishment of Pakistan, invasion of the Mughal Empire in early 1739, 2009 attack on the Sri Lanka national cricket team, National Museum of Science and Technology, List of educational institutions in Lahore, College of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, PakTurk International Schools and Colleges, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, University of Management and Technology (Lahore), University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, List of largest cities in Organisation of Islamic Cooperation member countries, "Paris of the East? However, due to restrictions implemented across the world in 2020 to slow down the rapid spread of COVID-19, GDP is now falling sharply (see latest press release). This page provides - Pakistan GDP … [16] Akbar made Lahore one of his original twelve subah provinces,[16] and in 1585–86 relegated governorship of the city and subah to Bhagwant Das, brother of Mariam-uz-Zamani, who was commonly known as Jodhabhai.[60]. [38] Ranjit Singh negotiated with the Afghans for the post of ‘’subadar’’ to control Lahore following the second invasion. The Lahore Marathon is part of an annual package of six international marathons being sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. [45][46], Lahore was formally made the eastern capital of the Ghaznavid empire in 1152,[16] under the reign of Khusrau Shah. [49][50], Following the death of Aibak, Lahore came to be disputed among Ghurid officers. Real dollar values expressed in chained dollars. Many of Lahore's most important buildings were designed by Sir Ganga Ram, who is sometimes called the "Father of modern Lahore."[138]. Now peace has returned", "Lahore attack: Pakistan PM Sharif demands swift action on terror", "Rising Lahore and reviving Pakistan – The Express Tribune", "How old is Lahore? Singh was able to seize control of the region after a series of battles with the Sikh Bhangi Misl chiefs who had seized Lahore in 1780. Die Vereinigten Staaten sind weiterhin mit deutlichem Abstand zu China die größte Volkswirtschaft der Welt.Aber wie lange noch? [18], Partition left Lahore with a much weakened economy, and a stymied social and cultural scene that had previously been invigorated by the city's Hindus and Sikhs. [16] Punjab was then annexed to the British Indian Empire in 1849. This rate is 165 -tenths of one percent higher than the figure of -9% published in the second quarter of 2020. [59], By the time of rule of the Mughal empire's greatest emperors, a majority of Lahore's residents did not live within the walled city itself but instead lived in suburbs that had spread outside of the city's walls. [81] Kaur quickly ceded the throne, but Sher Sing was then assassinated in 1843 in Lahore's Chah Miran neighborhood along with his Wazir Dhiyan Singh. Urdu and English are used as official languages and as mediums of instruction and media administration. The economy of Lahore has a diversified base spanning from telecommunication, information technology, manufacturing industry, engineering, pharmaceuticals, steel, chemicals and construction material. Many people decorate their houses and light candles to illuminate the streets and houses during public holidays; roads and businesses may be lit for days. [4] As a whole Punjab has $115 billion economy making it first and to date only Pakistani Subdivision of economy more than $100 billion at the rank 144. Due to India’s high population, India’s GDP per capita is $2,170 (for comparison, the U.S. is $62,794). Lahore has a semi-arid climate (Köppen climate classification BSh), not receiving enough rainfall to feature the humid subtropical climate. The year-on-year change in GDP was 33.4%, 648 -tenths of one percent more than the -31.4% recorded in the second quarter of 2020.

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