That’s why 100 Gecs dropped the acapellas, instrumentals, and stems for all their 1000 Gecs tracks online and via a website, called, for fans to do with them what they please. 100623911 >>100623470 with that kind of retort you sound like >a virgin >an imbicile pick one >> Anonymous 12/32/20(Fri)15:39:36 No. In the context of the music, “What the f*ck” is imbued with both sadness and anxiety: a reflexive response to knowing you’ve screwed up or failed to meet the expectations you set for yourself. Explain your version of song meaning, find more of 100 Gecs lyrics. If it succeeds in being both, and is seen as such, it does so by being wry, like Father John Misty. I wasn't previously familiar with the game so I didn't get the meaning of it being spelled with an x on the EP and the corresponding graphic also. 100 gecs is also a movement — a revolution — the pioneer of a new genre unlike any before. by 1000gecs April 24, 2020. 2020. 100 gecs 100 gecs. In a January 2020 interview with Them. », pour se libérer des fardeaux et contraintes que trop de personnes s’imposent sans s’en rendre compte pour un pseudo amour de l’art. A tweet from @deathstuds reads “100 gecs fans be like ‘i’m sorry’ before they even get the aux”. 2 interpretations [ notify me of updates ] 100 gecs Fans Also Like: My Chemical Romance song meanings Starset song meanings Ed Sheeran song meanings Fall Out Boy song meanings Dave Matthews Band song meanings. magazine, Dylan Brady says “I just like ska, too, and dubstep.” This attitude of “I just like…” offers a useful means of interpreting 100 Gecs’ relationship with aesthetics, as well as their loyal fanbase’s relationship with their music. While it was hard to appreciate the depth of the aforementioned lyrics, certain phrases had newfound meaning once an entire crowd of people sang along to them. Comment and share your favourite lyrics. A guy who says offensive things and decides whether he was joking based on the reaction of people around him. It feels, to me, harder to explain that “Gecs” is not simply a joke to be in on, or that my appreciation for the sound does not start or end at being able to laugh at it. 100 gecs is a duo between Laura Les and Dylan Brady. That actually seems pretty likely. It is produced by 100 gecs members Laura Les and Dylan Brady and appears on 1000 gecs. Whereas comedy is often branded as a humorous surface, belying some more serious truth in its depth, In 100 Gecs, the surface and depth have collapsed and become identical. Explain your version of song meaning, find more of 100 Gecs lyrics. If this musical ‘bad taste’ chaos, however, represents the present and future of gender and aesthetic transgression, and confrontation with the normative, consider me on the ramparts. With enough plays (or maybe just one, depending on your generic inclinations) it becomes difficult to maintain your critical distance, and it becomes much easier and much, much more fun to go along for the ride than to fight to keep the music at arm’s length. Their debut album 1000 Gecs (2019) was an unexpected and largely incongruent hit within the “hyperpop” genre (of which Charli XCX might be a more recognizable name), substituting its characteristic glistening glamour for dissonance and turmoil. This is to say, there is a slightly different note that Les’ singing might register for young queer people, among whom 100 Gecs is an ascendant hit, and it is no accident that her particular aggressive and dissonant style is already beginning to spin off subgeneric trends, with rising artists such as Osquinn/p4rkr and Fraxiom, both of whom identify as trans/nonbinary, echoing similar vocal performance. I was like, ‘I’m never doing anything else,’” she told Them. Having known each other since high school, the duo formed in 2015 and released a self-titled EP. Best of all was that three-word phrase: “What the f*ck?” In the moment, it felt like everyone was cognizant of our collective anxieties and our desire to find release. One thing that 1000 Gecs has going for it is that few people are claiming that it’s a bad version of the music it’s aping, though part of that is because the duo are covering so many genres that their music becomes an entirely new thing. December 3, 2020. torture me lyrics 100 gecs Christaan Felber for Rolling Stone 100 Gecs … 100 Gecs sounds like the internet. Gex. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. Johanna Winant Erica Fretwell and Emily Ogden, “Find Something New to Love”(as long as it’s not Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza). I have always been much more inclined, however, to view this sort of musical experimentation as an extension of the body rather than a modification to it. Gays, this one's for you. Anonymous 12/32/20(Fri)15:39:36 No. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. They both answer with a resounding, "Yes." torture me lyrics 100 gecs. 9 mars 2019 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Pat Nounours. Anonymous 12/32/20(Fri)15:27:24 No. 100624136 … it is produced by gecs … Fortunately, as the latest arrivals to the School of Bad Decisions, 100 gecs save us the tedium of having to make a considered judgement on their ‘respectability’ by throwing their chips entirely on the shitpost end of the table and holding their chins firmly up. L’autotune vous répulse ? 100 Gecs’ Dylan Brady makes music in a one-room studio in a squarish brick building in L.A.’s Fashion District, just south of Pico Boulevard. If you're not already on the 100 gecs train, it's about time to hop on — the duo's newest single from their upcoming remix album, 1000 gecs & The Tree of Clues , is a jingling early 2000s love story and features the top harbingers of experimental pop: Charli XCX, Rico Nasty, and Kero Kero Bonito. Featuring an experimental sound that combined several genres, 1000 Gecs was well received by critics. When the reaction to the duo’s maximalist genre mishmash is “what the f*ck,” it should be underpinned with that same sense of dejection: 1000 Gecs and the response to it points to how countless music fans — critics included — have failed to move past outdated notions of what good art should be. There’s a legitimate humor to several lines (“Your arms look so fucking cute / they look like lil cigarettes” is a ridiculous, amusing insult) but their genre agnosticism and the flatness of their drum programming is equally exciting. Flag. But 100 gecs is so much more than fun. a channel of the los angeles review of books. The idea that art can be both serious and funny is something that’s still a struggle for many. 100 Gecs, the duo of Laura Les (left) and Dylan Brady, make future pop for a brave new digital world, and '1000 Gecs' is one of 2019's best albums. In music, if something is considered funny it’s often because it’s trying to be comedy, such as with Weird Al’s parodies. When the duo 100 gecs released their debut album, 1000 gecs, in May—23 minutes of careening, tentacular pop—Laura Les and Dylan Brady didn’t expect to perform it much. "Dickinson pushes this hoary old school aesthetics aside somewhat, seeing the beautiful as part of, rather than apart from, the moist, the sticky, and the generously spiced. And that genre, whether we want to call it “glitchcore” or something else down the road, is here to stay. 100 Gecs sounds like the internet. Watch out, Susie! The abrasiveness of the transition adds to the absurdity of its existence. Dylan Brady, too, modulates and pitch-corrects his voice, but in a fashion much more familiar to listeners of mainstream artists like Young Thug and Travis Scott. I’m sympathetic to the view that insofar as RuPaul’s Drag Race has massive mainstream popularity (among straight people, no less), and Susan Sontag’s famous essay became the theme for a Met Gala, what used to be referred to as campy might just now fall under ‘good taste.’ Nonetheless, any who believes that camp at large has met its end, simply because its old gay beacons have been reincorporated into the normative current, has failed to spot the dialectical inversion taking place — or, to put it differently, they are not nearly enough online. There’s a caustic brostep breakdown at the end of “745 Sticky” while trance — and not the “artful” kind done by Lorenzo Senni or Barker — is the backbone of “xXXi_wud_nvrstøp_ÜXXx.” In The New York Times Popcast episode on 100 Gecs, Eli Enis — who interviewed 100 Gecs for The Outline — mentioned that 1000 Gecs was created around the same time that members Laura Les and Dylan Brady were re-appreciating the music of their adolescence (3OH!3 was one such artist). 100 Gecs could not be more aesthetically opposed to sentiment, but my relationship to their music, nevertheless, feels genuine and sincere. Share. Les herself readily cops to the association: “I knew that I liked nightcore vocals. 100 gecs 1000 gecs & The Tree of Clues On this guest-crowded remix album, the duo continues its wild, swerving path through memes, genres, and decades, making some of … 56826 Followers. On their debut, while they were experimental, I thought that was all they had going for them, and the whole thing just seemed very gimmicky. In live shows, she doesn’t turn the effects off between songs: at the show I attended, “hello Berkeley, how are you doing?” was cast out over the crowd in the same lilting, compressed timbre as on the opening track, “Ringtone.” A 2018 writeup from Pitchfork on SOPHIE (another trans musician in the same scene) described her voice modulation as a sort of surgery upon her “artistic flesh,” a mirrored transition occurring in her aesthetic and her physical being. When she began to play with the formant knobs connected to the microphone, swinging her voice up to hit the iconic “Hi, Ken” of her Barbie Girl remix—one of those moments that makes you cherish the intimacy of live music—it also displaced somehow its pitch shift onto me, plucking at my unconfronted dysphoria and discomfort with my own voice. Original lyrics of Potion Seller song by 100 Gecs. There’s a neatness to it all that’s ultimately different from the sudden jerking of 100 Gecs’s genre switch-ups, which is felt both between and within tracks. As to the chaotic, unyielding sound they produce in common, I keep returning to a quote from Jack Halberstam and Ira Livingston’s introduction to Posthuman Bodies: The self disintegrates in this queer narrative into a posthuman rage for disorder and uncivil disobedience. Is 100 gecs the End of Pop, or a New Beginning? In that way that these things possess a subconscious magnetism, the group of five friends with me that night have all come out as trans or queer, though none of us were out at the time, to the varying extents that any of us were even aware of it. 100 Gecs break down their new remix record '1000 Gecs & The Tree of Clues' as well as discussing touring with Brockhampton and signing to Atlantic Records This referencing of “obviously bad” music proved to be a blessing. For one, 1000 Gecs is distinct because artists have rarely, if ever, explored these different sounds, and such a scarcity of music that covers these genres allows for nostalgic reminiscing amidst appreciation for its ambition and innumerable hooks. I take a bit of offense whenever I hear friends describe them as “meme music.” Even so, I often find myself, intentionally or not, taking the same turn when trying to introduce them to the uninitiated— I reduce them to a cheap gag. Part of why the music can seem so bizarre is because artists are often expected to follow certain rules beholden to the respective genre they’re working in, or to do things that are consistent with the image they’re presenting. A 6’4” shirtless man paraded around, embracing random audience members and then (semi-)tenderly tackling them to … when did 100 gecs become mainstream? The posthuman assemblage of Les and her microphone have, to me, always sounded “without nostalgia,” and on tracks such as “Bloodstains,” belting about “smoking dope in empty cans I got from corner stores,” filled with an intoxicating rage. Indiana University Press, 1995. In this case, Laura Les’ trans identity plays a significant role in the aesthetic choice of distorted vocals, and she has often explained that she uses pitch correction and autotune to alleviate the dysphoria produced by the tone of her unaltered singing voice. When I saw them play live at Berkeley’s Cornerstone in November, 2019, I had the strange feeling that the crowd looked like the internet too. Gex. 100 gecs is an electronic-pop duo comprised of Dylan Brady and Laura Les. Tweet. 100 gecs is the collaboration of bubblegum bass musicians Laura Les and Dylan Brady. Dylan Keoni Burgoon is a student at UC Berkeley, attempting to be a serious Marxist while remaining an unserious person. “Gec 2 Ü” has a touching line that reflects finding contentment amidst the doldrums and stresses of life: “Dishes are piling up but that’s cool / ’cause at least we got food / Everything is piling up but that’s cool / ’cause at least I got you.”. 100 gecs Song Meanings. 100 gecs. (devi) im addicted to my soul no need ur weed hurts (rook) im a ghost so loud u could fuckin SEE IT (devi) im addicted to everything in … One of the year’s most unlikely breakthroughs is a duo that makes disorienting, genre-jumbling music. 1000 Gecs (stylized as 1000 gecs or 1000 gec) is the debut studio album by American experimental pop duo 100 Gecs.It was released on May 31, 2019, through Dog Show Records two days after the single "Money Machine" was released.. This past year, the most satisfying attempt was Red Velvet’s “Zimzalabim,” a song that concludes in an impressive consolidation of girl-group harmonies, drumline percussion, and buzzsaw synths befitting festival EDM, though that’s after the song’s incorporated balladry, a breakbeat, and clanging hip-hop beats. By Nic John. Listening to 1000 Gecs recalls a slew of disparate musical styles from the past couple decades: crunkcore group brokeNCYDE, the cheerleader noise-pop of Sleigh Bells, the pitch-shifted euphoria of nightcore remixes. This essay is running as part of the 2019 Uproxx Music Critics Poll. It placed on several publications' lists of the best albums of 2019. Trending: XXXTENTACION; One Direction; … If the varied and electric audience of their show is worth anything, shaking loose ceiling tiles out of sublime, ecstatic fervor, I do not imagine I will be alone. Even with 100 Gecs, a lot of the responses to their music have been that it’s just dumb fun, implying that their music could never be as insightful as, say, a singer-songwriter album. There are many quotable lines on 1000 Gecs, the debut album from breakout duo 100 Gecs, but one in particular stands out: “What the f*ck?” It’s the single phrase that’s repeated on more than one track, but it’s also the exact response people have upon hearing virtually any song from the album for the first time. Is 100 gecs the End of Pop, or a New Beginning? The group has proven divisive, simultaneously drawing buzz for its abrasive blend of pop and experimental electronica while drawing mockery for the same reason. That 100 Gecs feels like something new is a testament to how far we have to go for that to be a reality. Hearing dozens of people scream, “Lost the money in my bank account” felt like an acknowledgment of how we’re all doomed in terms of our finances, while shouts of “I might go and throw my phone into the lake” felt like a generation spouting their love/hate relationship with social media, online relationships, and the internet itself. 100 gecs Fans Also Like: Taylor Swift song meanings Fall Out Boy song meanings Pink Floyd song meanings Cavetown song meanings NF song meanings Submit Your Interpretation That 100 Gecs feels like something new is a testament to how far we have to go for that to be a reality. Even rarer is when lyrics and instrumentation are both funny and serious, as is the case with 100 Gecs. 100623911. 11 0. That guy is Schrödinger's Douchebag, he’ll trap you in a thought-experiment without your consent! 100 Gecs are considered one of the best artists of recent history, writing some of the most influential and intellectual music of the past century. "50 nuances de Grecs" remet en scène les plus grands mythes de l'Antiquité grecque dans les situations les plus actuelles. Watch official video, print or download text in … They have singlehandedly restarted the craze of music and brought the entire world together with their insightful lyricism. When I saw 100 Gecs live in Chicago, their music had taken on a new dimension that wasn’t obvious upon home listening. It’s not so much that they forfeit the right to be taken seriously (as though that was ever going to be a helpful attitude here) as much as they embrace their … Underground? I liked it. 100 gecs‘ “money machine” has found a strong audience with more than 3 million views to date. Tagged: No tags, suggest one. Get a gec mug for your Aunt Zora. Stream Tracks and Playlists from 100 gecs … 2 months ago. 100 Gecs is a musical duo out of Chicago, composed of Laura Les and Dylan Brady, both of whom had been previously moderately acclaimed in online underground music circles. When I saw them play live at Berkeley’s Cornerstone in November, ... but that doesn’t mean there’s no truth or meaning present. To the loyal fan, her autotuned voice is, in a meaningful way, Les’ “real” voice, whatever significance that is supposed to hold. Was this avant-garde? “Liking” is the aesthetic response here, and it’s a minor affect that offers a surprising amount of range. Hand Crushed By A Mallet Feat: Fall Out Boy, Craig Owens, Nicole Dollanganger. There is no subtle ironic detachment that Laura Les and Dylan Brady preserve in secret, nor any concessions of an artist’s facade. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. 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