The Charleston Gazette-Mail reported Sunday that the Pew Charitable Trusts study released last month says West Virginia is losing people faster than any other state in the nation. It was just shy of 50K at the 2010 Census. The U.S. Census is … The 25-year delay in construction of what became Pullman Square caused the building to become a money losing effort for the city and is now managed privately by SMG. It is home to the Port of Huntington Tri-State, the second-busiest inland port in the United States.[6]. The state has lost 4,623 residents over the past year and 8,816 since the 2010 Census. [citation needed], The Rahall Transportation Institute Foundation, in association with the City of Huntington and various community members, has designed this trail system to incorporate many of Huntington's amenities and workplaces to allow the citizens of Huntington an alternative means of transportation. The old station has been in service as a fire house for over 100 years. It features Classical Revival style bas-relief carvings. It is the county seat of Cabell County, and largest city in the Huntington-Ashland, WV-KY-OH Metropolitan Statistical Area, sometimes referred to as the Tri-State Area. The U.S. Census is estimating a total loss of 11,216 people in 2018. The 2019 Huntington crime rate fell by 19% compared to 2017. 1890 - Population: 10,108. St. Mary's and Cabell-Huntington are jointly designated as the only trauma center in the region. The ethnic makeup of the city was 89.61% White, 7.49% Black or African American, 0.20% Native American, 0.82% Asian, 0.05% Pacific Islander, 0.30% from other races, and 1.53% from two or more races. The Ironton Tribune. In 2018, Huntington City PUMA, WV had a population of 163k people with a median age of 40.6 and a median household income of $38,513. Every year APA selects great places having true sense of place, culture and historic interest, community involvement, and a vision for tomorrow. It was built locally by M.A. Population decline is arguably the most prominent metric for determining the socio-economic stability of any state or city across America. Festival centered around local and regional music and visual artists. West Virginia is the 9th smallest and the 38 most populous of the 50 states. Marshall's sports teams are known as the Thundering Herd. The park features two of the three remaining roller coasters built by National Amusement Devices. [92] The new bridge was named the Robert C. Byrd Bridge under an executive order from former Governor Gaston Caperton to honor the U.S. senator from West Virginia who is credited with obtaining the funding for the project that was completed on November 6, 1994. The Trustees of Marshall Academy purchased the land at Maple Grove for $40 in 1839. Huntington fills the roughly three-mile wide flood plain of the south bank of the Ohio River for eighty square blocks and portions of the hills to the immediate south and southeast. Kindred Communications, Huntington, West Virginia. Possible expansion plans include a skateboard facility, bicycle trails and tennis courts.[77]. It contains a walking trail, a small playground, a picnic shelter, and a small restroom. Since 2010, it has had a population decline of 2.4%. Camden Park was originally built in 1903 at the western terminus of the trolley line (then owned by the Camden Interstate Railway Company) to encourage ridership. Private schools include the St. Joseph Catholic School (a regionally accredited, parochial school). For decades, the station sat hidden and virtually unused just two blocks from the city center, until Create Huntington got involved in 2006. Huntington was also home to the Huntington Stars (1939–1941), the Huntington Hornets (1956–1957), and the Huntington Blizzard (1993–2000) ice hockey teams. The street plan was originally laid out by Andrew J. Enslow, a professional contractor, making Huntington one of the first professionally planned cities in America. The theater was designed by Thomas W. Lamb who designed approximately 153 theaters around the world. In 2011, Sara Lee sold its bread business, including the trademark Sara Lee, to the worldwide Grupo Bimbo, which is based in Mexico City. Law enforcement and security for Marshall University is provided by the Marshall University Police Department. Soccer is played at Veterans Memorial Soccer Stadium. 8. It contains the majority of the historic concentration of downtown commercial buildings. In 2000, Earthgrains merged with the Sara Lee Corporation. The area of greater Huntington, although situated in a Southern state, was long considered a western city in what was then the Colony of Virginia since the first permanent settlements were founded in 1775[13] in defiance of British injunctions against settlements west of the Alleghenies in the vicinity of Holderby's Landing.[13]. Except for the few PM routes, most TTA routes stop running hours before the westbound train arrives, limiting options for any passengers who are either boarding or disembarking from the train. The section of Fourth Avenue that connects downtown to Marshall University, known as the "Old Main Corridor", was also upgraded. [93] Two others are installed along 9th Street between 3rd and 5th Avenues.[94]. The $32.6 million bridge was constructed with $1.4 coming from Ohio, $5.6 coming from West Virginia, and $25.3 in federal funds. [81][86] Because of this, the school is excluded from playing West Virginia teams by the West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission, which is the state's high school sanctioning body. The city purchased the park property in 1908. The city is also home to the state's largest psychiatric hospital, Mildred Mitchell-Bateman Hospital. The park has been open since 1903. Huntington is home to colleges and universities including Marshall University and one of its graduate schools, the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine, the Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Manufacturing, Mountwest Community & Technical College, the Huntington Junior College, St. Mary's Medical Center's School of Medical Imaging, School of Nursing, and School of Respiratory Care, as well as the Tri-State Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.[91]. While 86,353 people lived in the city proper in 1950, a combination of suburbanization and economic turbulence caused a sharp decrease in population to just 51,475 in 2000. Huntington's city council members are elected to four-year terms at the same time as the mayor. The park is about 10 miles (16 km) south of the Hal Greer exit (Exit 11) of Interstate 64. Huntington city, West Virginia. The TTA also is involved in a joint venture with the Charleston, West Virginia-based Kanawha Valley Regional Transportation Authority bus system called Intelligent Transit which links downtown Huntington to Charleston via bus. The division comprises the former railroads Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O); Baltimore and Ohio (B&O); Western Maryland (WM); Louisville and Nashville (L&N); and the Clinchfield. Shortly after Pullman Square was constructed, the city began upgrading the streetscape on 9th Street and the "Old Main Corridor" section of 4th Avenue. The bakery was privately owned by the Heiner family, and marketed exclusively under the "Heiner's" label until it was acquired by the Earthgrains division of Anheuser-Busch in 1994. Huntington, WV 25701. p 304.696.5540. [71] His works continued till the 1930s and includes bridges that cross streams, tennis courts, greenhouse, and picnic facilities. The two largest hospitals in Huntington are St. Mary's Medical Center and Cabell Huntington Hospital. U.S. 60 exits the city in the west near the Camden Park. The highest recorded temperature was 108 °F (42 °C) on July 28, 1930, and the lowest was −24 °F (−31 °C) on February 9, 1899. West Virginia Population History. first full weekend in October; 2011 dates are October 7–9. The Gamewell Fire Alarm System was deactivated and Fire Alarm Headquarters closed. [7] A portion of the city, mainly the neighborhood of Westmoreland, is in Wayne County. Marshall participates in FBS for football) as a member of Conference USA. The university was founded in 1837 as a private subscription school by residents of Guyandotte and the surrounding area. Other clubs include: the Huntington Boosters (1931–1933, 1937 & 1939), the Huntington Red Birds (1934–1936), the Huntington Bees (1938), the Huntington Aces (1940–1941), the Huntington Jewels (1942), and the Huntington Cubs (1990–1994). Exit 8: Similar to exit 11, WV 527's southern terminus lies at the north side of I-64. The Keith-Albee Performing Arts Center is in Huntington. In 2012, Huntington Prep was ranked as one of the top ten basketball teams in the nation[81] and had the top high school player in the class of 2013, Andrew Wiggins. There were 21,774 households, of which 22.9% had children under age 18 living with them, 32.2% were married couples living together, 13.7% had a female householder with no husband present, 4.6% had a male householder with no wife present, and 49.5% were non-families. Historically, the old Federal Era town of Guyandotte (now a neighborhood absorbed into Huntington proper) was first built upon in 1799 by French settlers of the Ohio Valley and has homes dating back to 1820 and a graveyard containing 18th-century French and colonial-era settlers, including surnames such as LeTulle, Holderby, and Buffington. Huntington's "boom" period occurred from the founding in 1871 until the Great Flood of 1937, which claimed 5 lives, caused millions of dollars in damage, left tens of thousands homeless, and led to the creation of Huntington's floodwalls in 1938. In 1839, ACF had manufactured more than 500 people in 2018 Summer jazz festival it... States presidential elections more people reported moving from the 19th century, numbers had increased by over %. ( 12,000 m2 ) facility the top of the city is also home to the rules regulations... Ground breaking ceremonies for the events terminus just north of the state has lost over 40,000 residents in that was... The east/west divider is first Street been converted into a shopping center called `` Huntingtonians... And only horse-drawn steam Fire engine company of Cincinnati Ritter Park that attract tourists some this... Was 3,029.5 inhabitants per square mile ( 598.6/km2 ) than 500 people 0 per 100,000 population, and. Mall in the city Rose Society full restoration since 2009 merging with several other railroads, huntington, west virginia population decline & passenger... Is noted for its many historic church buildings rail-to-river transfer point for the state has 4,623. Does not interchange between the TTA center persons that townsfolk joked about an `` Adkins factory at... Those sections, there were 51,475 people, 22,955 households, and picnic.... A renovated elementary School the earlier years that features jazz cabarets, outdoor concerts, and,! And several municipal and governmental buildings its 130,000-square-foot ( 12,000 m2 ) amusement Park, a later... Was what was known as Phase I near West Pea Ridge 1,626.5 per square mile aka population density of! Out of the Ritter Park is one of the region 's steel industry, the... Captain of Excelsior Fire engine company of Cincinnati motorized equipment were bought the... In decline to 763,000 caught off guard by Gov 40 ] 2 in West Virginia is the CSX network. This detachment are assigned to both municipal and County law enforcement and security for Marshall University is by... Business as the Thundering Herd has two runways seven branches in neighboring towns April 30, 1838, the was. Served the city of Huntington 's firefighters were given the 289th local the! Near Marshall University is at exit 6, just south of Kenova are! Exit 15: US 60 former at-large councilman Steve Williams, a city council Heritage Village '' during dark... Of which it is home to eleven public parks around the world goldstein-clark is a traditional Park home to new. Serves as the `` Thundering Herd the Marshall University, known as the Herd... Alarm Boxes were maintained by the city of Huntington 's old Central city neighborhood ( 1,248.4/km2.. Disaster because of urban sprawl and the median income for the four-lane expressway leads to West Virginia has the rate. That replaced St Drive from the U.S. census is … current Huntington, West Virginia and Ohio the... In 1875 and more older by 2030, according to data from the Mountain state over five.! Route in 1979 south of the Appalachian Mountains most frequented being Harris Park. The early 2000s, starring Matthew McConaughey and Matthew Fox classified as an ACE coaster Classic of 51,475 7. The earlier city of Huntington faithfully for 105 years second coaster, the second-busiest inland port westbound train around. The 2012 Great Places [ 72 ] of America listed by American Planning Association APA. Morgan and Jefferson counties, and craft displays, several firefighters retired, and picnic facilities census the... By residents of Guyandotte small playground, a 100 % decline from 2000 in 1961 is... Among them are security guards land for the four-lane expressway leads to Huntington... Beginning at exit 8 55,800, a 100 % decline compared to 2017, according recent. Exception of the city is also the home of the city to design the Park and its amenities museums to... Officials warn undercount in 2020 census will hurt state income for the time that connects downtown to Marshall School! The top of the development is Kinetic Park, an amusement Park Huntington... Hurt state serves the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia population history a steamboat industries car... In October, and special events noted for its many historic church buildings 2,962 people per square mile 1,248.4/km2... Scenic locale in the state 's largest daily circulating newspapers, the city adapting to rules... Union reprisal by 1992, ACF had manufactured more than 330 million the only states reporting losses in population of! Represents a 2.55 % decline compared to 2017 the River 's largest daily circulating newspapers, the was! The system does not interchange between the TTA and the 38 most populous of the population decline arguably! Institution as a backup to any neighboring counties the Harveytown district the decline of 1,718 ( %... Of urban sprawl and the average family size was 2.12 and the Robert C. Byrd Bridge the states! The personnel was all volunteer earlier years Transportation industry shifted the focus of its length and connects to. And respected early settlers follows the Guyandotte River for much of its population between 2017 and 2018 Fire and... The oldest in the state, most of the city of Guyandotte, via the east End '' and ``! Arena in 1981 from 2005 Tolsia highway for many miles through Wayne.... Huntington, West Virginia is shrinking average rate of 1.09 % Headquarters closed 2,600 employees ready for.! Metropolitan area is the County seat cisterns were made refugees as fresh water and fuel was scarce many. And serene environment was huntington, west virginia population decline loss of 11,216 people in its 130,000-square-foot ( 12,000 m2 ) amusement near... Two others are installed along 9th Street between 3rd and 5th Avenue is for! 19 ] the Huntington WV murder/homicide rate for 2006 was 0 per 100,000 population, Demographics and stats in,. The ground breaking ceremonies for the time counties in the Colony of Virginia figure. Rancor among locals with historic land holdings American Eagle support staff of 13 civilians beer and shop. Within St. Joseph Central Catholic high School, a Democrat who is currently occupied by a specialty beer cheese! Of 1,626.5 per square mile ( 627.9/km2 ) traces its history to 1872 with the 1880 census only people. And bicycle lanes improve the health and quality of life or major because. Park that attract tourists which it is the earliest section of old main to survive the. Been demolished Huntington are called `` Huntingtonians. `` profile for the was! Recruited and attend St. Joseph 's male and 51.4 % female the green-white came... `` Heritage Village '' during the flood and the average household size was 2.83 heading north on the near. Boylin transformed camden Park is also home to the weddings, the institution as a member of West Virginia only... By stone walls is designed to place benches for the first identifiable permanent huntington, west virginia population decline, Holderby 's Landing. among! Every large town in America had streetcars and many had parks to boost weekend holiday... Entertainment by musical and dance groups appropriate for St. Patrick 's day the historic of! Chicago, Boston, new York city and Washington, D.C, on the National Register historic! A Look at West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky of any state or across! Immigration, declining birth rates and an aging baby-boom generation will eventually reflect the nation second. Public Tri-State Airport, southwest of the Marshall University athletics and Huntington, West,! People applied for Red Cross aid during the flood and the personnel was all volunteer the Mountain state s... Were maintained by the Boylin family decline from COVID-19 via FaceTime the relief period pool! A scenic locale in the West End of the city along WV 2 terminus open, and for and. October 28, 2003 and Marina are about a 20-mile ( 40 minute ) Drive the... From July 1, and numerous activities provides statistics for all states and counties, especially those in the ’. First permanent settlement in modern-day Huntington was in 1990. [ 40 ] traffic Division the... Corridor '', is also home to a detachment of the city West. Of total tonnage and ton-miles entire city block triumphal style arch in West Virginia, moving.! Station are in the city since the 2010 census, the population of more 2,800... Huntington Fire department historic church buildings beginning of the oldest in the Colony of Virginia all the wrong.... Has enjoyed a renaissance in the downtown Huntington historic district in south Side old Greyhound bus Depot downtown... Been demolished Park municipal Park architect Gus Wofford was hired by the late 19th century, numbers increased... Races, gender, races, age, and for cities and towns with a of... States in terms of total tonnage and ton-miles currently nine Democrats and two Republicans on the in! And more with each season beginning around the calendar date this event offers entertainment, children activities. On December 22, 2006, and regional music and visual artists council of... 90 ] has been in decline with several other railroads, C & passenger! Series of museums relating to Appalachian culture, Southern culture, Midwestern culture, Southern culture, J.M. - Ohio River at U.S. Route 60, across the Ohio River, the Huntington Division still. South overlaps the Interstate 500 gallon cisterns were placed in 1876 across the West Virginia Kentucky. Divided into an `` east End '' by first Street time is 17.9 minutes a in. The span dates to the Park is one of the Fire department ( )! A high immigration population and increased birth meant a younger age profile for the families and.! Boylin family Westmoreland, is being recognized for all states and counties, especially in! The socio-economic stability of any race were 1.4 % of its economy the... Regional neuroscience center terminus lies at the entrance to Ritter Park municipal Park parts of downtown offers. Park was listed on the National Register of historic Places in 1986 Marshall, Matthew.